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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy programs, devices, supplies and equipment in Denver and Colorado regions.

For patients with severe forms of communication-related conditions (e.g. aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria) there are tablets that ameliorate process of communicating and general health outcome.

Before considering AACD there must be provided evidence of inefficiency of alternative communication methods by assessment of speech pathology

Customer’s medical requirements, the ability to operate the device at cognitive and physical levels has to be proven by the necessary documentation. The latter must provide an expected improvement in following aspects:

  • communication of basic and medical needs
  • provision of a response to results of treatment programs
  • avoiding of derivative pathologies
  • safety of procedures and independence of result evaluation

Collaborative Policy Statement on Medicaid Benefits of the Colorado State of 06/ 28/2013


  • Consideration of documentation requirements is of a great importance.
  • Prescription of the communication tablet done by MD, DO, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner, who possess relevant Colorado state-approved authority. Being a Medicaid provider in the state of Colorado is not obligatory.
  • Provision of an assessment by a licensed Speech Pathology in form of a letter of medical necessity to substantiate the need stated.
  • Prior Authorization the necessary paperwork package shall be provided by the DME company.


Sergey Egorov

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Colorado Medicaid Benefits Collaborative Policy Statement, June 28, 2013