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Bilirubin light therapy

Newborn jaundice, also known as hyperbilirubinemia, is typically caused by extensive amount of bilirubin, which is a result substance of replacement of red blood cells. There are cases when concentration of bilirubin in the blood reaches very high point. This situation puts a kid at great risk of developing acute or chronic form of bilirubin encephalopathy.

Bilirubin phototherapy is one of common ways of home treatment for newly born babies after discharge. The procedure involves placement of a baby under the fluorescent bilirubin light with uncovered skin (naked or wearing a diaper).

 The mechanism of jaundice treatment lies within the special length of lightwave that shatters particles of bilirubin so that the system could naturally remove it with urine and stools.

The baby should spend as much time under fluorescent radiation is highly recommended for significant reduce in bilirubin level. This has been proven to be an effective measure to prevent possible hospitalization.

Offered by MedStuff bilirubin light devices guarantee you effective and absolutely safe procedures in course of the prescribed therapy at best price.

Bili light lamp shines blue fluorescent light and is totally harmless to a patient. You can buy it under Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Portable devices with bilirubin lights are currently available in the store in Denver and Colorado regions. The procedure has positive effect on psycho-emotional health as it requires form of communication that allows emotional bonding is parent-child relationships.

Fluorescent radiation is a comfortable procedure that allows sustaining daily regiment and feeding schedule. Bilirubin phototherapy sessions are available on 24/7 basis any time you need it.

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