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Incontinence Supply

Urinary incontinence is rather common problem that everyone feels uncomfortable talking about. Nevertheless, this fact does not reduce the extent to which it can influence lifestyle of a person, who suffers with the disorder.

Having our customers’ interest in mind, we took care for those who has to deal with the problem on daily basis. We offer quality products at best price in Denver and Colorado regions.

Among the medical equipment that is typically involved in treatment-related procedures for women there are following widely popular options:

Urethral insert. It is a compact disposable product, which is functionally similar to a tampon. This device should be inserted into urethra and blocks leaking of urine during incontinence-triggering activities.

Pessary. It is presented by a firm ring shaped device, meant for everyday usage. Traditionally it is prescribed for treatment of prolapse-caused incontinence as it pushes up the urine bladder and prevents leakage. The pessary should be inserted inside a vagina.

You can buy incontinence supplies under Medicaid and Medicare.

Wide assortment of our company include includes variety of brand names, sizes and absorbing capacity. We can guarantee you perfect quality of presented products.

Our professionals will gladly assist you if you need to make sure you are getting exactly the thing you needed. Please call one of the following service facilities to receive help whenever you encountered purchase-related issues.

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