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What are the Best Options for Successfully Managing Type II Diabetes?

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with type II diabetes, the good news is there are proven options for managing this condition. The most effective options include:

Fully Understanding This Condition

Although over twenty-five million people in the US have diabetes, that doesn’t mean this is a condition you should take lightly. On the contrary, if this disease isn’t properly managed, it can lead to blindness, stroke, heart disease or even death. As a result of its severity, it’s important to learn as much as possible about treatment options, daily management strategies and the effects it has on your body and lifestyle. In addition to upfront learning, you’ll also significantly benefit from ongoing personal education.

Getting the Right Care

Not everyone with type 2 diabetes needs to be on medication. But since many people in this position do benefit from one or more diabetes medications, you should talk to your doctor to find out if any options are right for you. Additionally, it’s a good idea to at least have a few sessions with a nutritionist. Since diet plays a significant role in diabetes management, getting a personalized plan to follow is very useful.

Actively Tracking

It’s important to use a glucose monitor to consistently check and record your levels. It’s also a very good idea to do the same for your blood pressure.

Learning How to Avoid Complications

Nerve damage, eye problems, kidney damage, and heart disease or stroke are some of the most common complications associated with diabetes. However, the risk of these complications can be greatly reduced with the right management and healthcare. For nerve damage, it’s important to let your doctor know if you experience any feelings of burning, tingling or numbness.

With eye problems, don’t ignore episodes of blurry vision or eye pressure. When it comes to kidney damage, have your doctor check your blood pressure 2 to 4 times a year. You’ll also want to have an annual urine protein test. Finally, not smoking and maintaining a healthy weight are the two best ways to reduce your risk of heart disease or stroke.

Utilizing the Right Equipment

Supplies like diabetic socks can help ensure that your quality of life isn’t negatively impacted by diabetes. Whether you want to use Medicare or Medicaid to place an order or you have a question about a specific product, don’t hesitate to call us at (303) 423-0191.