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The Top Options for Making Life with Arthritis More Manageable

If you have arthritis or are looking for ways to help a loved one who suffers from this condition, the following four strategies can help you out:

Add Omega-3s to Your Diet

Multiple studies have indicated that omega-3 fatty acids can help arthritis sufferers by reducing the amount of inflammation they experience. This can also help reduce the higher risk that individuals with rheumatoid arthritis have of heart disease. While fish are a great natural source of these beneficial acids, if you don’t like that taste of fish, you can supplement your daily diet with fish oil capsules.

Use Both Hot and Cold Treatments

A common question that arthritis sufferers have is whether they should use heat or cold to treat their condition. The answer to that question is you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one. Instead, you can get much-needed relief from both hot and cold treatments. A product like the Good2Go Hot/Cold Therapy Mitt can make it easy to utilize both forms of treatment. Just be sure to check with your doctor to determine how often you should utilize these treatment options.

Focus on Joint Protection

Many people don’t realize the cumulative impact that even seemingly minor tasks can have on their joints. Because everything from lifting a heavy pot to opening a door has the potential to take a toll, it’s worth focusing on your daily activities and finding ways to minimize joint stress. Using the pot and door examples, sliding is preferable to lifting a pot, while opening a door with your shoulder is better than relying on pulling with your hand.

Do Exercise

Although it may seem counterintuitive, exercise is beneficial to anyone suffering from arthritis. In fact, consistent exercise can actually help reduce joint pain. It can also boost your mood and increase your daily energy levels. That being said, if you experience an episode of joint inflammation, it’s important to take a break until the pain has subsided. And while thirty minutes of exercise three times a week is the general recommendation for those with arthritis, be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that’s a safe starting level for you.

Because arthritis affects people from all walks of life, we’re committed to providing the best support and experience to every one of our customers. In addition to offering flexible payment options (including Medicare and Medicaid), we also offer phone support. You can reach us before or after placing an order at 303-423-0191.