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Pharmacy Rental Denver-Is This Choice Right for You

Pharmacy Rental Denver: Is This Choice Right for You?

The term durable medical equipment refers to a wide range of devices. Examples of devices that can fall under this term include respiratory equipment, standard mobility equipment, hospital beds and negative pressure wound therapy pumps. Because that’s such a wide selection of items, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the number of conditions which may require someone to use a piece of durable medical equipment is quite large.

Although there are many different devices and pieces of equipment that can significantly boost a person’s quality of life, the issue that may make people hesitate is the fact that these items can come with a significant price tag. As a result, someone may have a hard time justifying the cost even though they are aware that they’ll get numerous benefits from this type of investment.

The other issue with many types of durable medical equipment is depending on someone’s specific condition, they may not need the same piece of equipment forever. Whether they’ll eventually need to upgrade to a different model or will have to switch to a completely different device, the last thing anyone wants to do is spend a significant amount of money on something they may only be using for a limited amount of time.

Renting Durable Medical Equipment from a Pharmacy is the Answer

Since there are a lot of benefits to these types of devices, the good news is there’s a solution that doesn’t involve the high upfront cost. A better way to get the equipment you or a loved one need at a much more appealing price point is to rent. By renting, you’ll no longer have to worry about a prohibitively high price. You’ll also create a much more flexible situation. If an upgrade or total change is ever needed, switching this type of rental is very easy to do.

Are Rentals Covered By Medicare?

While there are always certain stipulations that have to be met, the official Medicare guidelines state that durable medical equipment rentals are covered by Part B. The most common scenario is that 20% of the cost will need to be paid by the person who’s covered by Medicare. However, there are quite a few different variables that can influence that exact cost. The main thing to understand is through the combination of renting and utilizing Medicare, it’s possible for the total cost of durable medical equipment to be very reasonable.