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Medical Supply-The Denver Rental Guide

Medical Supply: The Denver Rental Guide

If you or someone you love have a medical condition that requires special equipment to be used on a daily basis, you may be wondering whether it’s best for you to buy or rent the equipment. Because it’s more cost effective and flexible, renting is almost always the best way to go. Although many people don’t even realize that pieces of medical equipment can be rented, once they’re made aware of this option and find out more about it, they see exactly why it’s the right choice for them.

Since it can be a bit challenging to get answers to all the questions you may have about renting medical equipment, we’ve compiled the following list to help you out:

Does Medicare Cover Denver Medical Supply Rentals?

In most cases, Medicare will help cover the cost of renting medical supplies that are prescribed by a doctor. More specifically, Part B of Medicare provides coverage for supplies that fall into a category known as durable medical equipment. In terms of how much financial support Medicare provides, it’s fairly common for them to take care of all but 20% of the cost.

What Does the Term Durable Medical Equipment Refer To?

This term refers to a wide variety of items that can significantly help improve someone’s quality of life. Common examples of durable medical equipment include patient lifts, oxygen equipment, hospital beds, scooters, canes, walkers, nebulizers and wheelchairs.

Are There Limits on How Long Medicare Will Cover a Rental?

It is standard practice for Medicare to cap their coverage of rentals. In general, durable medical equipment has a cap of 13 continuous months. The one exception to that rule of thumb is oxygen equipment, which has a significantly longer cap of 3 years. While Medicare’s capping may sound like a letdown, it’s actually beneficial for the person using the equipment. The reason is after the 13 or 36 month cap passes, the individual renting the equipment will own it.

Do You Have to Live Somewhere Specific to Receive Medicare Coverage?

Many people are a little confused by Medicare’s usage of the term “home use.” However, all this means is that nursing facilities and hospitals aren’t considered homes. But as long as you live in your own house, an apartment, a relative’s house, assisted living facility or even a group home, you’ll still be eligible for the same Part B coverage.

Although we hope the above answers will bring clarity to your most pressing questions, if you’re in need of any additional information, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (303) 423-0191.