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How to Handle the Challenges Created by a Spinal Injury

Car accidents, falls, sporting accidents and gunshots are the most common causes of spinal injuries. Regardless of how it happens to you or a loved one, spinal injuries have significant effects on the lives of people who are impacted by them. An injury to the middle of the back generally affects someone’s legs, while a neck injury can also affect the chest and arms. Because damage to the spine can leave someone with little to no feeling in one or more of those areas, the challenges presented by this condition are quite significant.

6 Possible Complications of an Injury to the Spine

Loss of skin sensation, bowel control and bladder control are three complications that many people notice fairly soon after suffering a spinal injury. Because having less skin sensation makes it difficult to detect possible sources of damage like cold, heat or extended pressure, a big part of rehabilitation is learning strategies for taking care of skin. In addition to learning strategies for both bowel and bladder control, certain types of medical equipment may also be used to help assist with management.

Issues with muscle tone, the respiratory system and circulatory control are three other complications commonly associated with any injury that impacts the spine. Specialized ongoing exercises can help prevent muscles from going limp, while both medications and therapy can help manage potential respiratory complications. And for circulatory problems, the medical professionals you work with can educate you about what to do in the event of experiencing issues like swelling extremities or low blood pressure upon rising.

Types of Equipment That Can Help with a Spinal Injury

Although it’s not the most severe type of injury to the spine, the alarming thing about a vertebral collapse is osteoporosis is its most common cause. Someone suffering from this condition may benefit from wearing a Spinal-Lite brace on their back.

For an individual dealing with a severe spinal injury, a wheelchair may be their only option for transportation. It definitely takes time for most people to get used to moving around via wheelchair. But thanks to the convenient features offered by modern wheelchairs, this option quickly becomes far better than not being mobile at all.

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