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Answers to Your Questions About Hospital Bed Rental in Denver

Answers to Your Questions About Hospital Bed Rental in Denver

Whether you or a loved one are in need of having a hospital bed in your home, the good news is there are plenty of hospital beds for rent in Denver. When it comes to hospital beds, there are four main types. Those types are a manual, semi-electric, full-electric or bariatric hospital bed. The positions in a manual bed are adjusted by a hand-crank. A semi-electric bed still utilizes a hand-crank for height adjustments, but provides a button for foot and head positioning. Then a full-electric bed utilizes a button for all three types of adjustments. Finally, a bariatric bed is designed to meet the needs of individuals who weigh more than the average person.

Accessories for Hospital Rental Beds

In addition to the beds themselves, it’s also possible to rent accessories to extend the functionality and comfort of a hospital bed. An over-bed table can make it easier to do things like eat or drink. While it isn’t intended to support 100% of someone’s weight, a trapeze is designed to help reposition an individual without requiring them to get completely out of bed.

If there is a need for supporting all of someone’s weight, a patient lift can serve that purpose. This is an ideal way to help someone get from their hospital bed to a piece of furniture or wheelchair. For a taller individual, a rented bed extension kit can help ensure a bed is as comfortable as possible by adding up to four inches to it.

Rails can provide the protection needed to ensure that someone doesn’t accidentally fall out of their hospital bed. Depending on the specific situation, rails are available in either full or half styles. Utilizing rails, any of the other accessories we covered or a combination of multiple accessories can create the safest and most comfortable environment possible for a person who’s in a hospital bed.

Are Hospital Bed Rentals Covered by Medicare?

For people looking into hospital beds rental in Denver, one of their most common questions is whether or not it will be covered by Medicare. Although there’s always the possibility of something changing or ending up different than expected, hospital beds are classified as durable medical equipment. As a result, Medicare Part B can cover rentals. The most common scenario is for someone to only pay 20% of the amount that’s approved by Medicare.