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About us

MedStuff, since 2007 is a fully accredited, licensed, Colorado based, privately owned company providing pharmacy, durable medical equipment, oxygen, respiratory equipment, bilirubin lights, tablet communication devices and many other medical products and supplies.  MedStuff prides itself on unparalleled customer service and “going the extra mile” to accommodate its referring agencies and patients.  Our policy is to maintain a high level of communication and transparency with our clients, providers and referral sources.  We strive to find ways to accommodate non-insured clients, Medicaid, Medicare and privately insured individuals with lower prices and unique personal services.  MedStuff offers localy free delivery on our products, equipment and medications and serve all of Colorado as well as some of our surrounding states.

MedStuff maintains two full service facilities, one in Denver and one in Arvada.  Our after hour services include on staff respiratory therapists and 24/7 on-call customer service.  Clients will always reach a live person to attend to their needs.  The in-house staff can accommodate numerous foreign languages which is a great benefit to those clients who need language assistance. MedStuff works closely with clients, providers, caregivers and caseworkers to best meet the client’s needs with speed and efficiency.

MedStuff is always on alert for products that provide a better quality of life for those who need assistance. MedStuff carries a wide variety of product brands as well as unique equipment that assists clients in their daily activities. MedStuff also provides specialty products covered by the Medicaid Waiver programs such as the LifeLine Medical Alert and Medication Dispensers.  These items help to keep clients safe and maintain independence. Not only do our services benefit the client, but also prevent unnecessary trips to emergency rooms and the more costly option of institutionalization. Our inventory has been established to provide immediate delivery for most DME for example; oxygen, hospital beds, wheelchairs, diabetic supplies, and bilirubin lights.

In addition to our Durable Medical Equipment and Supply division, MedStuff also provides full service pharmacies at both locations. The pharmacies accept most private insurance plans.  MedStuff is also contracted with Medicare and Medicaid, Pinnacol Assurance and Denver Health Managed Care for DME.  MedStuff was awarded the contract for Hospital Beds and Related Accessories and Support Surfaces (Group 2 Mattresses and Overlays) through Medicare’s competitive bidding process.

MedStuff is happy to provide education and presentations to case managers, caregivers and providers for our services. For additional information, questions or requests, please feel free to contact us.

 When it comes to medical equipment for yourself or a loved one, quality and reliability are the two things you care about most. Because quality is such an important issue, we only carry the best equipment on the market. And thanks to our commitment to quality, you can always rely on equipment to perform properly when it's needed most.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best experience possible. From the time of your order to when it arrives, you can count on being treated with respect and having an experience that's free of stress. 

Since we truly want you to have the best experience possible, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us!



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Phone Number: 303-403-4142
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970 S. Oneida St Denver, CO 80224
Phone Number: 303-333-2035
Fax: 303-333-0052
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