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Posey Bed 8070

Product Code: Posey Bed 8070
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The Posey Bed is designed to help:

• Reduce the risk of unassisted bed exit and patient falls.

• Provide a controlled patient environment.

• Avoid the risk of a patient being trapped in the siderails, or between the mattress and the side rails.

Patients who may benefit from the use of the Posey Bed include patients with:

• Severe osteoporosis.

• Severe risk of fractures due to clinical conditions.

• Insufficient muscle, fat, and subcutaneous tissue to absorb the impact of a fall.

• Concurrent use of anticoagulants.

• A history of severe trauma in a prior fall.

• Conditions that cause uncontrollable movement such as Huntington’s Disease.

Certain fall-risk patients may also benefit from the use of the Posey Bed. This includes patients with behavioral, physical, mental or other symptoms, such as:

• Musculoskeletal problems that cause an unsteady gait or impaired strength or biomechanics.

• Altered awareness due to medication or neural illnesses that impair alertness and balance, and/or dementing illnesses.1

• Visual or peripheral neuropathies that impair positional sense.

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