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What Complications Can Occur After a Stroke?

If you or someone close to you recently experienced a stroke, you may be in the process of researching what effects that event is going to continue to have. Although not every stroke is the same, there are some complications that affect a large percentage of people who survive a stroke: Attention, Memory and Perception […]


How to Handle the Challenges Created by a Spinal Injury

Car accidents, falls, sporting accidents and gunshots are the most common causes of spinal injuries. Regardless of how it happens to you or a loved one, spinal injuries have significant effects on the lives of people who are impacted by them. An injury to the middle of the back generally affects someone’s legs, while a […]


What are the Best Options for Successfully Managing Type II Diabetes?

If you or a loved one are diagnosed with type II diabetes, the good news is there are proven options for managing this condition. The most effective options include: Fully Understanding This Condition Although over twenty-five million people in the US have diabetes, that doesn’t mean this is a condition you should take lightly. On […]


Proven Ways to Deal with the Impact of COPD

COPD is the fourth leading case of death in the US. The reason that chronic obstructive pulmonary disease has such a high mortality rate is because it’s a progressive lung disease that over thirteen million people in the US alone are diagnosed with each year. While cigarette smoke is the most common cause of COPD, […]